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Benefits of Buying a Home in the Fall

Benefits of Buying a Home in the Fall

Springtime traditionally takes the lead as the best time of year to buy a home. Recently, however, we see there are benefits of buying a home in the fall.

The first, which makes perfect sense, comes from Bob Vilawell-known home improvement television show host. Most buyers list their homes for sale when real estate season is at its peak – spring or summer.

However, owners of homes that remain on the market into the fall might be motivated to sell. Their homes have been on the market for months. Therefore, sellers may be eager to sell and make you a deal when demand is low.

This Means (Bidding) War!

Because most people choose spring and summer to shop for their new home, the competition is hot! Therefore, bidding wars for homes are common. Fast action is required to get the house you want – before someone else does.

Why not take a deep breath and shop at a slower pace? Find your forever home in the fall. Do more comparison shopping and take time to mull things over. Be confident you’re choosing the right home – with less bidding wars.

Potentially Favorable Rates

You might get a slightly better mortgage rate during the fall season and leading into the end of the year. With business lulls during the holidays, bankers and mortgage brokers may be willing to negotiate a slightly lower rate. Additionally, take a chance on negotiating not only interest rates, but points or down payments, too.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Buying a Home in the Fall

There are several benefits to buying a home in the fall!

Moving in the fall also means a new school and friends for the kids. You might enjoy my blog, “Helping Kids Adjust to Moving,” for some tips to help your kids’ move go smooth.

Contact me and let’s find the home that you’ll spend lots of fall seasons in!

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