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Do It Yourself Home Staging Tips

Do It Yourself Home Staging TipsDoes home staging work? The benefits of staging a home are significant. Research shows the average sale price of a property can be increased by 1-5% when home staging tips are used.

Consequently, a house that would sell, on average, for $375,000, may actually sell in the range of $378,750-$393,750 (1% and 5% increase, respectively).

That’s definitely a reason to consider staging your home to prepare it to go on the market. There are also do it yourself home staging tips that really help you get the most money from the sale of your house.

What Does It Mean to Stage My Home?

Home staging is nothing more than preparing a private residential home for sale in the real estate marketplace. Additionally, the sole reason for staging a home is to make the home appealing to potential buyers in order to sell a property faster, and for more money than if the home wasn’t staged.

How do you stage a home? Generally speaking, staging a home makes it look like the “model home” in a new home development. Every room contains furniture meant to enhance the house and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

On one extreme, showing an empty home to potential buyers makes it difficult to imagine what the house would look like furnished. Furniture helps give you an idea of the space. It helps you visualize the size and quantity of furniture that would “fit” best in each room.

On the other extreme, showing a house that is currently lived in may contain furniture that is old and outdated. It may have clutter and, in general, appear unappealing to a potential buyer, who may have a difficult time envisioning the house as their own.

However, if a home is currently lived in while it is on the market for sale (as most homes are), there are still things you can do to “stage” it.

Furthermore, whether you utilize the services of a home staging company, or utilize ideas from your realtor or other people who have staged homes previously, it may cost $300-$600 for an initial consultation. Additionally, if your home is already empty and furniture is added, there may be a monthly charge for staging, based on size of the house and the number of rooms staged.

However, remember, too, that there’s a lot you can do on your own if you choose, that doesn’t require paying a professional.

Do It Yourself Home Staging Tips

Do It Yourself Home Staging TipsCleaning, Organizing

First and foremost, keep in mind that whatever you do, you must “depersonalize” your home. Remove photographs or anything that prevents a potential buyer from visualizing the home as his or her own.

Additionally, decrease the clutter in each room by 30%. This creates a bigger feeling to every room in the house. If you must, rent a storage locker where you can put the extra things. Buyers look for lots of storage!

Be sure to thoroughly clean your house, too, by removing stains from carpets. Also make sure to rid light fixtures, ceiling fans, ledges, and corners of dust and dirt. Bathroom and kitchen faucets should be clean and shiny.


Use neutral colors on your walls. Consider painting rooms in your home prior to putting it on the market. Try to use brighter colors only for accents, such as pillows or area rugs.

Set the dinner table with stylish place settings and pretty fabric napkins. Condense a kitchen or formal dining room table to a smaller size if possible. This will make a room look larger.

Ensure all window treatments are fashionable and work properly. Replace dated and worn shower curtains with ones with pretty colors and designs.

Finally, fresh flowers in vases and nice-smelling candles add to a pleasant, inviting feeling.

Spending some time and money on these types of small improvements goes a long way to increasing the value of your home!

Furthermore, pay attention to the outside of your home. My blog article, “Refresh Your Landscaping With Color” gives you simple, but effective, ideas!

Do it yourself home staging tips help increase the sales value of your home.

Having the “right” realtor is key, too. Call me for an initial consultation when you’re ready to sell your home. I’ve got some additional tips that will help!

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