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Home Color Trends 2019

Are you ready for 2019? Is your house ready? Maybe this coming year – and this article – will give you motivation to add new Home Color Trends 2019.

Home Color Trends 2019

Home Color Trends 2019

Darker, “moody blues” give a cozy feel to a room. Contrast the Navy Blue with white, like the couch here, and you still retain a bit of “coastal,” which us Floridians love!

Color this coming year may surprise you. Some decorators call the colors for 2019 “dark and moody.” Sounds a bit depressing, so further explanation is necessary!

Consequently, us Floridians often think of “bright and light” coastal colors for home decor. Alternatively, let’s consider going a few shades darker. How about Navy Blue?

Home Color Trends 2019

Forest Green? Yes! ‘Richer and darker’ equals ‘warm and serene’ in 2019.


Additionally, Forest Green is another darker, richer color that dominates home color trends 2019.



The secret to making these darker colors work is to add cool colors to complement the dark, which add “pop” for a pleasing look that pulls a room together.

2019 Color of the Year

Home Color Trends 2019

Pantone’s Color of the Year, “Living Coral,” is gorgeous, and is an amazing complement to 2019’s other two trending colors, Navy Blue and Forest Green.

Despite the Navy Blue and Forest Green home color trends 2019, Pantone (a company based in New Jersey that manufactures colored paint, fabric, and plastics, and is best known for its “Pantone Matching System”) has named its “Color of the year 2019” — and it’s neither of the above colors!

Consequently, us Floridians will love the color, “Living Coral.”

Of this beautiful color, Pantone says it is a “life-affirming” and “nurturing” shade. The Pantone Color of the Year has become so much more than simply the trending color for decor and fashion for the current year. Rather, Pantone states that their chosen color, “Living Coral,” is truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today.

I couldn’t agree more!

Complete Your Look

Home Color Trends 2019

This pillow’s coral color is similar to the “Color of the Year” and will complement both Navy Blue and Forest Green interior walls. Find this pillow on Etsy.


Try an area rug, throw pillows, or wall hangings containing 2019’s trending colors. These accessories will complete your room decor. Your friends will think you hired an interior designer!

Home Color Trends 2019

Combine rich, Forest Green and shades of Coral/Orange with this vibrant area rug from RugPal.

Home Color Trends 2019

This area rug from The Home Depot adds flair and brings together the colors Navy Blue and Coral (similar to the “Color of the Year”).











These home color trends are guaranteed to add some new style to your home in 2019! I call it a “plot twist,” as they aren’t what most of us expected!

Go ahead and be adventurous. Maybe you’ll decide to revamp your bedroom, living room, or office using one or more of these unexpected home color trends 2019.

You may, indeed, become the trendsetter on your block…

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