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Kitchen Tools You Can’t Live Without

Kitchen Tools You Can't Live WithoutI know you’re like me and lead a busy life. However, we all must eat (not to mention I like to eat)! And, if you are responsible for also feeding a family — then you welcome anything that makes your life easier when you prepare meals.

Additionally, I know you (like me!) don’t want to feed yourself — or your family — a frozen pizza or visit the drive-thru more than once a week (if EVER!).

Kitchen Tools You Can’t Live Without

Therefore, sometimes we must get back to basics and “start again,” so to speak. Preparing food for yourself and your family or friends is an act of LOVE…if you want it to be!

But, we also want the process of preparing food to be fun, with minimal aggravation and clean-up! After all, why do we have kitchens in our homes if we aren’t going to use them?

So, without further ado, here are some kitchen tools you can’t live without:

Big Saute Pan

Now, I know you know this is a staple in your kitchen! However, do you have a good quality pan that’s easy to clean and is big enough? It’s not fun cooking in a pan where the food sticks (so then it’s a chore to clean), or in one that isn’t big enough (and then food spills over onto your stove every time you stir it).

Additionally, look for a pan that’s safe…i.e. it isn’t made from a material that will potentially let off poisonous gases when heated. And, if you have a pan that’s scraped so much that the coating has come off in places, then it’s time to throw it away! Keep your family safe and healthy!

Knives (Good Ones!)

We all have experienced using “good” knives versus “bad” ones. Consequently, the “good” knives win, hands down. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that a good set of knives makes preparing food literally a fun event. Conversely, a dull knife that doesn’t cut easily (or has a broken handle, etc…) is not only “not fun,” but dangerous, as well.

Additionally, you know that just one good knife won’t do. You need a few good men (I mean knives!). Therefore, start with investing in 2 good knives: a 3 1/2 inch paring knife and a 7-8 inch chef’s knife. You’ll enjoy chopping veggies and fruit for many kinds of healthy meals and snacks. Preparing food isn’t a dreaded chore with the right knives.

And, seriously, throw those old, dull, and dangerous ones away. Why in the world would you keep them?

Crock Pot

Yes, I know that there are “crock pot people” — and those who have never used one… or who own one but have never gotten around to trying it out and seeing what a life-saver it is!

When you use your crock pot for the first time, it’s such a freeing experience. Think about it — we usually don’t make healthy, home-cooked meals because we don’t have the time or motivation, right?

However, imagine cutting up potatoes and carrots with your (high-quality) knives the night before. Then, in the morning, take 5-10 minutes to put a roast, the potatoes and carrots, and some beef broth into your crock pot. Next, get everyone out the door — including yourself. When you get home at dinner time, your family meal is cooked and ready to eat!

Furthermore, crock pots are very affordable compared to how indispensable they are!

Finally, click here for more kitchen tools you can’t live without.

Kitchen Tools You Can't Live Without

Hopefully, however, you see the fun and functionality of your kitchen! So, whether you’re looking for a brand new kitchen in a brand new house, or decide to renovate your existing kitchen (read my blog, “Home Renovations With Best Return“), you see how kitchens are just plain awesome!


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