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To Move or Not to Move

Your home is your “sacred space.” It’s your feel-good place. Your safe place. It’s where you create memories with your family and loved ones.

To Move or Not to MoveWhen you’ve had a rough day and life isn’t going so well, your home is where you rest and rejuvenate.

Therefore, is YOUR home all these things for you? Or, conversely, has it lost it’s warm and safe feeling? Perhaps it never had it?

And, practically speaking — maybe your daily commute to work is way too long for your liking, and by the time you get to work, you’ve already lost your motivation to be productive.

Perhaps you and your spouse aren’t happy with your neighborhood and lack of children for your kids to play with, or the school district is less than desirable.

These are the kinds of questions and introspection you and your family need to do when the thought enters your mind — “To move or not to move?”

Additional Considerations

Furthermore, look at the size of your home and what it costs to maintain it. Many decide it’s time to move when they’re expecting a new baby. Or, perhaps another family arrangement means more people will live in the home. Maybe your home has 3 bedrooms but with the additional resident, you absolutely need another bedroom. Also, you simply may need larger living spaces, like a bigger kitchen or living room.

Conversely, many empty-nesters find themselves in a house that’s way too big for two people. Furthermore, it may be too expensive to maintain if you’re retired or are now on a smaller budget than in years past.

Or, perhaps you’re ready to spend your money on travel or other luxuries you didn’t have time for before retirement. You no longer want to use your money to upkeep a large home. Utilities, landscaping, and other maintenance requirements can be costly in terms of money and time.

To Move or Not to Move

Do you think it’s time to move? Take this quiz that provides additional clarity to help you decide!

And, read my blog, “Moving to Florida,” for things to consider if you’re contemplating a move to Florida from another state.

Now that it’s almost Spring, it’s a great time to start contemplating a move this year. This is especially true if you have school-age children. They can finish the school year and you can plan your move during the summer. Then, they can start a new school year in the fall in their new home!

Contact me if you’re ready to discuss the pros and cons of moving.

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