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Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2018

Halloween is such a fun holiday! It’s the ultimate way to experience a few moments of pretend play – for children and adults, alike. What fun to dress up as a princess, superhero, witch, or vampire to escape the stress of everyday life for an evening!

Superheroes Never Go Out of Style

Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2018

Kids will want to wear this “Black Panther” costume for Halloween if they saw the popular Marvel Comics movie earlier this year!


The most popular Halloween costumes 2018 must include a superhero! Superheroes are popular almost every year, but it just depends on WHICH superhero. In 2018, “Black Panther” was a popular movie based on the Marvel Comics character.

Consequently, Halloween costumes depicting various characters in the movie are popular this October 31. Pictured are a kids’ Black Panther costume. An adult version is also available.





Some of the Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2018 Girls

Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2018

Adorable Mermaid costumes, like this one, are perfect for Florida!

Although girls may choose a Black Panther costume, too, some may opt for the perfect costume for Florida – a mermaid!

Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2018

Super cute Moana costume from the popular Disney cartoon!









We’re so fortunate here in Florida – the weather is warm enough to trick or treat and attend outdoor Halloween events without having to wear a coat that hides an adorable costume!

Furthermore, Disney character costumes never go out of style! “Moana” was one of Disney’s popular cartoons a couple of years ago, and little girls still want to emulate Moana in super cute costumes like the one shown – also perfect for Florida’s balmy weather.

Arrrggghhh – Shiver Me Timbers!

Pirates are always in style! And, there are SO many different kinds of pirate costumes you can buy or even make yourself.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a theme for your entire family, pirates are a great choice!

Adults, teens, younger children, and even babies can join in the fun of being part of a family of pirates! Again, it’s the perfect Florida costume choice.


Have a blast – whatever Halloween events you and you’re family attend this year! And, if you get that “new home” bug from seeing lots of different homes on your trick or treating adventures, call me to discover the benefits of buying a home in the fall.

I look forward to talking with you!

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